Vision / Mission / OBJECTIVES

  • JIO intends to bring global harmony, peace & prosperity by way of contentment and mutual respect for every living being and strive for a world free of violence, poverty & disease.

  • JIO is committed to building a co-operative environment and social infrastructure for overall growth, development and well-being of communities by improving health, wealth, knowledge and spirituality.

    Our aim is to Provide fair & optimum opportunities for strong social relationships amongst jains from all fields.

    Create a global awareness about jain ethos, values and philosophy of our noble principles, which benefits humanity and our environment.

  • Spirituality Samaj suraksha Value Based Education
    Niswarth Sewa Economic Development Gauravpurn Jainatv
    Harmonious Justice Rajkiy Sakriyataa Happy Family
    Aatm Nirbharta Physical Wellness Sanskar
    Good Governance


Jain International Organisation
Panchsheel Plaza, A Wing Basement,
Near Dharam Palace, Hughes Road,
Mumbai - 400007