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    Param Pujya Naypadmsagarji Maharajsaheb has conceived, conceptualized and implemented the process of uniting all Jains, regardless of the sect and each of the above sectors. He has dedicated his life to make the dream into reality…….”

    • JIO is a collective effort of Global believers of Jain Principles and of those who want to create Global Awareness of Jain Lifestyle, Culture and Heritage.
      JIO is an unique organization which aims to take a giant First step in order to change the world for better. It is a global community where Visionaries, Intellectuals & People from all walks of life come under one roof.

      JIO aims at ‘Complete Success through total unity of all Jains’ by creating complete synergy amongst all 24 power centers.

    • JIO intends to bring global harmony, peace & prosperity by way of contentment and mutual respect for every living being and strive for a world free of violence, poverty & disease.

    • JIO is committed to building a co-operative environment and social infrastructure for overall growth, development and well-being of communities by improving health, wealth, knowledge and spirituality.
      Our aim is to Provide fair & optimum opportunities for strong social relationships amongst jains from all fields.
      Create a global awareness about jain ethos, values and philosophy of our noble principles, which benefits humanity and our environment.

    • Spirituality Samaj suraksha Value Based Education
      Niswarth Sewa Economic Development Gauravpurn Jainatv
      Harmonious Justice Rajkiy Sakriyataa Happy Family
      Aatm Nirbharta Physical Wellness Sanskar
      Good Governance
    • Industrialists Businessmen Bankers / Financiers
      Political Leaders Judiciary Officers
      Scientists Writers & Philosophers Educationists
      Media Doctors Chartered Accountants
      Lawyers & Advocates Engineer & Technocrats Executives
      Artist & Entertainers Sports Person Retailers
      Agriculturists Social Activists Students
      Home Makers Senior Citizens

Future Initiatives of JIO

Establish world class futuristic value based educational systems & institutions and provide opportunities for continuous skill up-gradation for all ages.
Health For All
Providing facilities for better & affordable diagnostic, medical care and schemes, development of diagnostic centers, hospitals etc. “A healthy family is foundation of a happy society”.
Economic Prosperity
All round growth through business networking & promoting entrepreneurship. Our aim is to provide facilities and business opportunities to the Youth, professionals, home makers, senior citizens and part-time participants to earn livelihood.
Political Forum
Provide initiatives and encourage participation in good governance to secure and develop the Nation.
Harmonious Justice
Establish International settlement forum-ISF to facilitate amicable and speedy resolution of disputes at low costs under the guidelines of law.
JIO Card
Your identity in the society, it will change the way we live & transact with BULK buying benefits combined with technological support which will work as the biggest cause for the community.
Many More
With the goal of social networking, marriage bureau, job portal, spiritual-social-economical growth of individual, family, community, nation & world.



Jain International Organisation
Panchsheel Plaza, A Wing Basement,
Near Dharam Palace, Hughes Road,
Mumbai - 400007